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Culture of Life & the Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus support the New Brunswick Right to Life Association in its efforts to educate the public concerning abortion, euthanasia and other matters concerning the sacredness for human life.

The Right to Life Association maintains the Informed Choices Resource Center in Fredericton, providing books, brochures, fetal models and pins, videos, bumper stickers, and posters to the general public. Address: 562 Brunswick St., Fredericton. Phone 459-8990 or toll-free 1-888-796-9600. The Associations' Saint John chapter operates a similar Respect Life Centre at 39 Charlotte St., telephone 657-3771.

  • Every spring the Association sponsors a provincial March for Life in Fredericton. Knights and their families are encouraged to attend.
  • Every fall the Association sponsors LifeChain vigils in several communities. Participants hold pro-life signs (including the Knight's own sign "Defend Life") along city streets for a one hour period. Knights are encouraged to participate, along with their families. Councils may wish to sponsor a LifeChain in their community.

The Knights support the Mother and Child Welcome House. This House, located in Fredericton next door to an abortion clinic, runs a Women's Care Centre which assists pregnant mothers from throughout the province with information, counselling and support, so that abortion is avoided. Counselling and support is also available for those who suffer from a past abortion. Address: 562 Brunswick St., Fredericton. Phone 459-5901 or toll-free 866-980-2273.

  • Every spring many councils participate in the Rose Sunday program, which raises funds to support the Mother and Child House. Rose appliqués, available from State Office, are offered to women and donations are received.

The Knights of Columbus support the work of Birthright and other pregnancy counselling centres which assist pregnant mothers, as an alternative to abortion.

Every year, on March 25, Feast of the Annunciation, Knights of Columbus International Day of the Unborn Child is celebrated. Every council is encouraged to celebrate this day. A prayer program for this day is available from the Supreme Office. Such a program might be run, with a Pastor's consent, before or after daily Mass.

A series of educational posters about life before birth, called Little One, may be purchased from NB Right to Life (see address above). Endorsed by the Supreme Knight, these posters are available in French and English. They are suitable for parish religious education programs.

Some councils have erected a Memorial for the Unborn Child in their local cemetery or on parish grounds. Further information is available from the State Pro-Life Director.

The Knights of Columbus oppose the use of public funds for abortion. The State Council supports the Province of New Brunswick in refusing to fund the Morgentaler Abortion Clinic.